Writer's Block: My favorite T

Do certain items of clothing remind you of people or events from your past? If so, what garment reminds you of a particularly happy memory?

I own what may be the most horrible looking pants ever. Quite frankly they're fantastic. They're multi-coloured fluoro MC Hammer pants. I got them from a second hand store called $2 toffs and I've had them for over a year. They've seen a lot of things.

I went quite stoned to see Katchafire at o-week 2009 in them. Really enjoyable gig, and one of many good memories with Alyse.
I wore them at the wildfoods festival in 2009, where odd foods were consumed, epic drinking was done, there were bonfires and talking drunkely to people on the beach.

They were also used to put clean dry clothes on a comatose girl at a 21st, and were worn the morning of stein day/garden party in the epic mission that was 6 before 6.

Last week of Uni

I really shouldn't be on the internet, I should be studying.

I'm looking forward to Friday, we are having afternoon tea in the park. It should be nice with the autumn leaves. I'm making cucumber sandwiches and scones at the very least for it.

I think I'm going to drop my public policy paper. Better that then fuck my GPA.

I'm sick of being a poor student. I want to go shopping and buy a stereo/record player, a new corset that fits, a new winter jacket as I've lost my last one (only had it 3 months!) and new winter boots.

I'm picking up extra work in the holidays. Not much but it'll be an extra 100 bucks.

Right, I'm off to pack study snacks before I hide in the library.
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Writer's Block: Secret song

What's the most embarrassing CD or track in your music library? How often do you listen to it? Do you share it with your friends or keep it to yourself?

Probably a good chunk of music from my childhood/early teen years. So Eminem, the Spice Girls, B*Witched, Backstreet Boys. Oh and the Shortland Street theme song is pretty cringe worthy too. Ah the 90s/early 00s you were such a special time. I mostly listen when they're set on shuffle, so not too often.

Writer's Block: Kids or child-free?

Whether you've chosen to have children or live child-free, how and when did you (or will you) reach this decision? If you're in a relationship, did you (or will you) decide separately or together?

I decided to be child-free when I was 12. Mostly because at the time I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me and I didn't want my future child to have that sort of thing happen to them. I think from that it has evolved to being a bit of a eugenist and not wanting to pass on depression. NO ONE could ever change my mind.

(no subject)

I was an apple pirate! Stole some apples from my neighbour's on Friday. It's also a rented property and as it's unoccupied I figured they were going to waste otherwise. Anyways got a bucket of apples and turned them into applesauce. Still have a few left over so I'm going to make apple pie or crumble/crisp in the next few days nom nom nom. After that went to eternal delights opening. It's a new raw vegan food place in town and my flatmate convinced me to. Some of the stuff was amazing but there were a few that, to be honest, just tasted like grass. After that we hung out at Goodbye Blue Monday/Poplar Lane for a while before heading to Rockpool to hang with the guys. My nerves have been shot lately so I didn't stay there too long, especially as I wasn't in the mood to crack jokes with Sam. Playing pool like that brought back memories really. Anyways left, had a sneaky cigarette in the square and talking to a presumably homeless man before heading home. I think talking to people like that made me realise how lonely they are and how lucky I am. I'm seriously considering volunteering at the city mission now.

Just had work during the day on Saturday. Got home and felt absolutely exhausted for some reason. Gemma finally convinced me to go to Marks. I had to get a cocktail in me to go, so I made a power smoothie + alcohol. It was summer in a cup.

It was good fun in the end although I can't really be surprised as it was hosted by Scifisoc. Geeks know how to drink lol. Talked to a guy called Frank for ages, he was flirting with me but I was playing oblivious. It's flattering really, but my head is in a much too messy situation to think about guys at the moment. Besides Geoff was waving his arms in a desperate attempt for me not to go there. He really does think highly of me.

Didn't do much today. Had wafer (Chris) attempt what appeared to be flirting with me on fb chat. I'm pretending ignorance on that one to. I'm far too close with his flatmates to go there, and besides everyone jokes about his sexual performance, or lack of. Poor Wafer. Might go watch Alice in Wonderland with him later in the week though, with friends of course.

Also have organized a BBQ for St Patrick's Day. As Talia 'T-Bag' said "It's gonna be off the chain!". Hell yeah.

Writer's Block: Raining cats or dogs?

Do you have a decided preference between cats and dogs? Which do you prefer, and why? Would you consider a roommate or partner who had a contrary pet proclivity?

Cats. They are way more independent, free spirited and have more of a personality than dogs. Guys generally prefer dogs so I don't really have an issue with it as I grew up with both and still love dogs regardless.

Comment if you want me to ask you questions...

1. What is your favorite band/musician?
I can't pick a favourite!!! My music taste is so varied. At the moment I'm enjoying Concord Dawn, Pendulum, Tchaikovsky, Muse, AC/DC, Sola Rosa, The Beatles and The Killers. The Killers would have to be near the top of the list with my favourite all-time song being 'Smile like you mean it'.

2. What's the one thing that you couldn't live without (or live without doing)?
Food. I love to cook and eat. I love being able to try and figure out what flavour components make a meal.

3. What's your favorite type of ethnic food?
Indian without a doubt. So subtle and yet can be so spicy with a lot of different textures and flavours.

4. What's one random interesting thing about yourself?
Despite loving shoes I absolutely detest shoe shopping. Go figure.

5. Do you prefer sunny, warm places or cold places (to live or visit)?
Cold and sunny. Where I currently live the winters are about 0-10*C (32-50F) and I think the beauty that a frost creates is amazing. I haven't really travelled so I can't comment on whether I prefer subtropical climates.
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