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Writer's Block: Bad trip.

What was your worst travel experience ever, and why?

I don't think I have an overall bad travel experience, because technically travelling for a funeral is cheating right?!
Paying out exorbitant amounts of money to AC/DC in Wellington was irritating to say the least, but that was an AMAZING trip and made my summer.

Going to Wairoa/Mahia beach for New Years 2007 was annoying due to the fact that I thought I was staying at Libby's batch only to find out there was no room for me. The trip overall I treasured  though as it was the last roadtrip I got to do with Dad. Murphys law kicked Libby's arse though when it poured cats and dogs.

Needless to say flying out of Rotorua pisses me off and there has been only one occassion (last christmas) where my flight hasn't been delayed. Unfortunately it is a necessary evil as it has the most reasonably priced and direct flights to Mum's. The times I've been delayed have been due to fog, bad weather, and one incident where a passenger stabbed a pilot on a flight that was heading to Christchurch so the airport had been put into lockdown.

The flight after Dad's funeral was pretty bad though. Meant to fly out from Rotorua at midday but had to be transferred to Auckland due to appalling weather. So a busload get in and part way there the luggage trailer breaks in the pouring rain. So have to wait half an hour to get that repaired. Bit further along the drive the tyre is punctured so stop again to change the tyre. Finally after driving a few hours get to Auckland at around 6pm only to find that we can't get a flight till 9pm. So I ended getting home at 10pm when I was meant to be getting in at 1pm.
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